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Issue Title Date Size
Issue 42 Have you considered Year 6 target revisions?
Understanding Preferential Procurement
BEE Compliance Notice: December deadline
October 2011  
Issue 41

Registered Auditors enter BEE Verification industry
Verification Manual upheld as Minimum Standard
IT systems simplify BEE process

October 2011 134kb
Issue 40

In the Media:  this issue reflects on current and significant BEE issues in the media

September 2011 130kb
Issue 39

DTI, UNISA and WITS create Management Development Programme
Employment Equity is not B-BBEE
Remembering Socio-Economic Development

September 2011 140kb
Issue 38

PPPFA:   Is Level 4 Good enough? 
Dti Training Initiative – Cart before the horse?
Examining the effectiveness of BEE implementation: Case study of Eskom restructuring: 1995-2005

August 2011 245kb
Issue 37

The Foresty Sector Code
Did you know the facts could make a difference?
NEF delivers faster BEE solutions

July 2011 120kb
Issue 36

Early payments – what is the big deal?
B-BBEE: How far have we come?
B-BBEE targets for Property Industry

July 2011 110kb
Issue 35 Indicative Profit Margins

Schaeffler SA sets outstanding example through Rainbow Nation Club
SA firms keen on centralised buying strategy

June 2011 180kb
Issue 34 A Big Day for B-BBEE
Which organs of state are bound
VWSA award demonstrates Eberspacher’s BEE focus
June 2011 180kb
Issue 33 Successful transformation will negate the fronting debate 
SA’s unrepresentative boardrooms 

IDC launches scheme for BEE companies

June 2011 101kb
Issue 32

Faking BEE Certificates
The EAP Target
BEE Quote of the Week
Common reasons for companies not achieving full recognition for Enterprise Development

May 2011 100kb
Issue 31 Shamwari Townhouse steps up in BEE style
What is the Tourism Charter?
Cabinet to align treasury procurement regulations with BEE Act
May 2011 110kb
Issue 30
Metropolitan Southern Olivers celebrate empowerment success 
Focus on New Growth Path and Fronting
Understanding the New Growth Path
April 2011  120kb
Issue 29 B-BBEE:  Has it reached grassroots level?
Coffee with David: CEO of IQuad Group Ltd
New BEE Checklist launched by Jay Naidoo
April 2011 130kb
Issue 28 Complexity of broad-based ownership schemes
When are broad-based ownership schemes applicable
The JSE BEE segment
March 2011 128kb
Issue 27 IQuad Launches BEE KNOWN – An E-Guide to B-BBEE March 2011 102kb
Issue 26 Zuma’s job creation plan – is it unrealistic?
BEE Training Feedback
New DTI proposals for enterprise and socio-economic development
February 2011 129kb
Issue 25 Cut off dates for ED and SED contributions
Transvelop’s dynamic ED and SED solutions
How points are lost in skills development
February 2011 130kb
Issue 24 BEE Myths
ABVA’s Best Practice Notes
Zuma’s BEE concerns continue
January 2011 130kb
Issue 23 IQuad’s 5 BEE Resolutions
SANAS accreditation a vital BEE crutch
Phase I of financial sector charter gazetted for public comments
January 2011 130kb
Issue 22 Wade van Rooyen sums it up December 2010 130kb
Issue 21 The Chinese are ‘black’ November 2010 125kb
Issue 20 KPMG/IQuad survey: After the fact November 2010 129kb
Issue 19 KPMG and IQuad survey produces solid results October 2010 119kb
Issue 18 Coffee with Barry: Business, BEE and the Recession October 2010 130kb
Issue 17 ABVA objects to dti’s three-tiered approach October 2010 130kb
Issue 16 The BEE chronicles continue September 2010 125kb
Issue 15 What is ABVA? August 2010 133kb
Issue 14 Tourism sector August 2010 128kb
Issue 13 The Pros and Cons of working with BEE Consultants July 2010 130kb
Issue 12 A tender subject July 2010 130kb
Issue 11 An update on BEE in the Know June 2010 134kb
Issue 10

IQuad BEE Verification receive award of accreditation

June 2010 115kb
Issue 09 B-BBEE needs more refining, says Zuma May 2010 121kb
Issue 08 Radebe positive about FIFA world cup May 2010 158kb
Issue 07 Learnerships (Part 2) April 2010 131kb
Issue 06 Learnerships (Part 1) April 2010 138kb
Issue 05 Sector code accreditation in midst of clarification March 2010 104kb
Issue 04 ABVA / Emex / EconoBee Debate March 2010 92kb
Issue 03 The BEE Advisory Council is a step closer in the right direction March 2010 98kb
Issue 02 Ensuring quality and credibility for all clients Feb 2010 98kb
Issue 01 Launch of e-newsletter to tackle BEE issues Feb 2010 115kb