Our BEE Verification Process

Our professional, highly trained consultants guide clients expertly and efficiently through the verification and certification process. Every client is given a high level of attention to make sure their company receives the highest BBBEE rating they can qualify for.

  • IQBEE receives the completed Application for BEE Services form
  • IQBEE evaluates information and calculates a verification fee
  • IQBEE compiles a verification proposal and attaches the Terms of Engagement for acceptance. This offer is valid for 30 days.
2 days
  • Entity signs Terms of Engagement indicating acceptance (within 30 days)
1 – 30 days
  • IQBEE sends the Client Information Pack, the Pre-Audit Information Request together with the invoice for payment.
1 day
  • Entity completes the Pre-Audit Information Request and gathers requested evidence and submits to IQBEE.
30 days
  • IQBEE completes a document review of the information, initiates the audit plan and compiles a preliminary scorecard.
14 days
  • IQBEE notifies the Entity of the proposed date of on-site verification, the samples selected for verification and a schedule of any additional information required
  • Entity agrees a proposed date in writing
  • On-site visit takes place.
14 - 30 days
  • IQBEE finalises for review
  • IQBEE reviews and issues the certificate ready for distribution
  • Complaints & Appeals.
7 - 14 days

IQuad BEE Verification will guide you through the BEE compliance process

IQuad BEE Verification has national capability to evaluate and rate your company's level of BBBEE compliance.

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