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BBBEE Compliance Evaluations and Verifications

We perform a complete evaluation of an entities BBBEE compliance in respect of the Codes of Good Practice and the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, the verification of data provided in support of the BEE achievements, and finally, issuing of a Verification Certificate confirming compliance and overall achievement.

Scenario Planning

The evaluation of BBBEE improvement scenarios on an existing scorecard or estimated status level.

BEE Consulting and Strategy Planning

The determination and / or implementation of specific strategies to be employed resulting in the improvement of an entity's BEE status through changes in policy, structure or behaviour, and through increased black participation in the indicators of Broad Based Empowerment.

Supplier Assessment and Verification

This involves the evaluation of an entity's suppliers in order to establish the overall BEE procurement recognition benefit they can derive from the procurement element. The process includes the contacting of suppliers, the collection of certificates, and the calculation of procurement flow through recognition.

BBBEE Training

Do you know which BBBEE elements are more cost effective than others?
Do you know how to monitor your BBBEE score?
Do you understand the impact that various business decisions will have on your score?
If you have answered NO to any of these questions, then you should be investing in BBBEE training. Grant Thornton Verification Services has a number of training options to suit you and your business requirements. Read more >

BEE Status Tracker

An on site software application for scorecard calculation, storage and tracking of supporting evidence, scenario planning, and perpetual monitoring of an entities current BEE status. Read More >

BEE Status Tracker software

We provide various products to evaluate and rate your company's level of BBBEE compliance

Verification services provides customised products to evaluate your company's level of BEE compliance.

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